Bel UK


Bel are the people that we have to thank for bringing us such globally renowned brands as Mini Babybel, Laughing Cow, and Leerdammer. All their brands project a message of quality, humour and fun.

We were asked to transform their headquarters into a bright, original and inspirational office environment, which would reflect their values of playfulness and professionalism.


Entrance Wall

The original entrance was dull and uninspiring. The entrance provided our first opportunity to create an initial impact for visitors to the offices.

By using a combination of vibrant graphics, bespoke illustrations and other appropriate design elements we were able to bring the entrance to life.

Icon Wall

What cheese would you use to coax a bear down from a tree?.. Camembert. Using a selection of icons, imagery, text and very cheesey jokes, we created a unique feature for the entrance.

The design includes a combination of elements which combine to form the Bel cow logo. The design features Bel’s company values, and bespoke illustrations. Together the eight foot montage represents the unique character and personality of Bel and all their employees.


Waiting Area

Situated opposite the entrance wall is a waiting area for guests and clients. Before the transformation this space lacked character and felt separated from the offices. Bel asked us to create a solution which featured references to the brand in a more unique and engaging way.

The Bel Landscape

One of the key aspects of the brief was to ‘bring the outside in’. To create an environment that transports people away from the usually predictable office environment. Our team created a custom illustration inspired by the landscape of Jura from where Bel originated. The depth and detail of the illustration, along with the vibrant colour palette energised the waiting area and created a unique introduction to the origins of the brand.


Main Corridor

This corridor is the only route to enter the main office space and therefore a key aspect of the project. Rightly so, Bel are a company who are incredibly proud of their five key brands. The dull and dusty light-boxes which contained each product simply didn’t do them justice.

Originally not part of the main brief however we felt this was an opportunity to showcase Bel’s pride in their products. The new design, adds a much needed splash of colour, whilst the light from behind each logo provides the showcase that each brand deserves and creates a bright and refreshing entrance to the offices.


The Dark Space

One of the key aspects of the brief was to create a more informal staff area, designed for relaxation, creative thinking and idea generation. For this area we intentionally avoided any obvious brand messaging, to give staff the opportunity to genuinely relax and recharge.

Now the space is used for games, reading, drawing and even yoga. Originally christened the dark space by staff for its dark, oppressive nature our team managed to transform the space into what was eventually renamed the dream space.

The Dream Room

Using a much softer colour palette and continuing the theme of ‘bringing the outside in,’ along with motivational quotes. The dark space combined dream-like imagery to help transport staff away from their office environment and make their breaks a much more relaxing experience.


Port Salut

Each office space was based on a product from the Bel collection. Port Salut is a brand which is inherently French and uses it’s marketing messages to project this French pride in their French heritage.

Our aim for the Port Salut room was to transport people back to their GCSE French class. We used a sweeping image of a classically French scene and added some key (and intentionally cliché) French words and phrases.



Like Port Salud, Leerdammer is a brand which isn’t afraid to shout about it’s roots. Firmly focussed on it’s Dutch origins we wanted to project to show all the fun, colour and humour that Holland has to offer.

Along with some of the brand slogans, blue skies and Tulips, the imagery is literally bursting out of the famous yellow Cheese. The office space captures the true essence of Leerdammer and the country from which it originates.