Brand Support

At Geo we pride ourselves in our ability to work with brands of all sizes. We have enjoyed working with Costa Coffee to develop their brand collateral. From product launches to infographics, our versatile approach has led to a fruitful partnership spanning over four years.

Social Media Infographic

The DL gate-fold leaflet was created for Costa Coffee to educate their staff about the various uses of their Social Media platforms. Using bespoke infographics and illustrations, we also presented facts and statistics about Costa's position on all relevant platforms.

Flat White

Costa Coffee needed a powerful way to showcase the arrival of the Flat White into their stores. They required a bespoke design solution which would announce the launch in a smart and stylish way.

Sticking firmly to the white theme, we used some intricate processes such as embossing and silver foiling. The design culminated in a large timeline which featured key events and milestones in the development of Costa over the years.

Iced Drinks

How would you present summer in a box? For this brief we were challenged to create an eye-catching press release which would introduce Costa’s new range of refreshing summer drinks.

We created a booklet in the form of a multicoloured swatch book to reflect the variety of choice on offer. With the packaging we used lush green grass, daisies and vibrant blue sky to reflect a bright summers day.

Costa Eco-Friendly Cups

The Costa cup infographic was hand illustrated by our design team. The brief was to create a vibrant and engaging story, which would showcase the facts and science behind the cup, from production to recycling.

The illustration set the scene on a bright and playful world of miniature people, working together to create the perfect eco cup.