Shock Solutions create and install audio-visual systems across a variety of platforms. They have become one of the most respected names in the industry, providing solutions across broadcasting and live events for brands such as the BBC, Sky and the O2.

They required a brand identity which created as much impact as their installations. The logo needed to be bold and versatile. The branding needed to work across a variety of media, such as stationery, merchandise, clothing and vehicle graphics.


In the initial stages of the branding process we worked closely with Shock as we conducted an intensive research process. Thorough research is absolutely integral to the success of the development process. Our first stage was to develop a very clear understanding of the AV industry, to identify their target audience and to clarify the best possible route for development.

Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3

Concept 4


We always present a minimum of three possible brand identity options. We explore a variety of style, colour, typography and imagery. Following presentation of the initial ideas, we then continued working closely with Shock to refine the mark and clarify the final route.

Shock loved concept two however they wanted to bring it to life more. We therefore returned to our drawing boards. We began to explore different structures and colour schemes. All of this whilst continually referring to our research and visual clues.

With every project, client satisfaction and fulfilment of the brief are our biggest concerns. Our success is not only based on good visual communication but also sound verbal communication with clients and suppliers.

Chosen Concept

One of the key factors of the brief was to create a versatile, adaptable mark. By positioning the mark in a square and adjusting the orientation, it still gives a feeling of depth and movement that the previous concept did, whilst still allowing for the mark to be used in a variety of formats and styles.

To create a more eye-catching identity which also offered a visual cue to their industry, we incorporated a system of vibrant bokeh-effect images. The 3 colours would be applied to the 3 different sections of their business.


Brand material

Every client and each brief is very different, but we always create brands which are truly dynamic and will work across a variety of platforms and media.

The next stage in the process for Shock was to apply the concept across multiple brand elements. Over a period of 6 months we created a variety of additional brand items. From the ordinary, such as stationery, vehicle graphics and brochures, to the unusual such as flight cases, animations and Christmas cards.



The project culminated in a vibrant brochure, which would be a key asset in their marketing collateral. From the BBC to The O2 the brochure showcased the variety of projects that Shock have worked on. The secondary function of the brochure was to act as a product catalogue for all their rental and sales products.