For Business

The Business Terrace is a flagship project initiated by Maidstone Borough Council to offer a fully integrated business hub for start-ups and SME’s in the heart of Maidstone.



We were approached by MBC to create an enduring brand, which would reflect the ambition and energy of the various entrepreneurs using the Terrace. The brand would cover a variety of aspects, from internal and external signage, way-finding and stationery, with the heart of the project being the multi-million pound office facilities in the centre of town.


This project was the epitome of a blank canvas, as a name had not even been selected for the brand. This meant that our initial concepts were even more varied than usual, as we explored a variety of possible names and executions.

As with all our projects a large proportion of the initial concepts stage is the research. It is absolutely integral to the success of the development process. Our research process for The Terrace focussed on similar organisations and co-working spaces across the UK and abroad.

At Geo we are all still big fans of pen and paper, so our initial concepts always start with a sketch pad and a variety of different inspiration sources.

Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3

Concept 4

The Final Brand

With it’s elevated position and views across Maidstone we settled upon the name The Business Terrace. The idea of elevation also compliments the idea of launching new businesses. The typographic logo is adapted to give it an original appeal. The bold purple background with its angular shapes and cloud pattern reflects the huge glass façade and entrance bridge which greet you on arrival.

The final Terrace brand is a perfect example of the versatile, dynamic identities that we create at Geo. The purple pattern has become an enduring feature throughout the town. Since the brand was launched, the Terrace has doubled in size and the facility has provided the perfect platform for users to thrive under The Business Terrace brand.

Aim High

Slogans can be good but should be used wisely. It can become an integral part of a brand and for the Terrace we included a simple statement which reflected the position of The Terrace and complimented the ambition of the businesses that operate there. The ‘Aim High’ tag line is used across all aspects of the identity from wall graphics to stationery.

Additional Items

With all our clients we aim to build long-term relationships and to grow alongside their brands. Since the creation of the brand we have continued working with Maidstone Borough Council on a number of additional marketing items for The Terrace. These items range from Folders and product cards, to exhibition graphics and additional way-finding solutions throughout the building.